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Experienced & knowledgeable, with Nauraiz you’re bound to get the best solutions for your business problems. We’re the best in the league when it comes to recruitment, HR & manpower solutions for your business. Our support and expert team will lead the path to make your business successful and give you the best results.


Accelerating Growth with attaining Success

Our goal is to help you maximise your business potential by hiring the best possible candidates for your business. Other than providing manpower services, we have also made our mark in providing management & hotel management consultancy. 

Our aim is to match the best possible candidates with the best possible job for them. By doing this, we aim to help them improve efficiency and increase workplace productivity.

Business Consultation
Job Interview
Fashion Designer

Marium Ezkel

We were growing very rapidly and my key challenge was how to structure our marketing team. 

We needed to organise the team for maximum effectiveness, decide what each team member should be doing and clarify how they should work together.

The team at Nauraiz Consulting is great! They took the time to understand me and my business. They helped me focus on what would contribute to our long term business growth.

Steve, (a member of their team) provided a very important sounding board as well as helping us with the key marketing metrics to focus on. Also, he introduced us to his network, which was very helpful!
Thanks Nauraiz team, Well done!

Stephanie Garcia

Nauraiz consulting's marketing advice has added over £200,000 to our turnover this year – it’s been our best year yet!

Quotes for new work have increased by over 24% and we’ve managed to convert 18% more of these quotes.

Their team is very easy to work with and really are experts in generating new business.

Happy Man

Omar Hamdan

“The Nauraiz team has been a trusted partner for India Manpower International for many years now. They have helped us document our HR processes, provide professional HR services to our employees and grow the sophistication of our HR program to match the continued growth of our company. We view Nauraiz Consultancy as an extension of our company and look forward to our continued relationship.”



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